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Stone Garden of Light WTC Memorial
Design Information

This design was based on my own thoughts and research on what I believe should have been built at the World Trade Center Site. Hundreds of hours of reading and research went into the mental development of the concepts presented in this proposal, plus a visit to the site in early May 2002. This plan is NOT perfect, and there are several alterations that would have been included if submitted at a later date. Your comments are welcome.

As a non-architect I had limited access to architectural design tools. My educational background is in European history with degrees from Austin College (Sherman, TX) and Indiana University (Bloomington). My travel experiences includes a 1987 visit to Vienna, Moscow, and Leningrad (St. Petersburg), and frequent camping trips in multiple states. I currently work as a freelance web designer and graphic artist.

Becky Brock

Contact Information
Becky Brock
519 Interstate 30
PMB #113
Rockwall, TX 75087

This Design was submitted to the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition in June 2003

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