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Stone Garden of Light
World Trade Center Memorial

Enter into a beautiful yet solemn stone garden park in honor of those whose lives were changed forever by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and United Airlines Flight 93. The lives of those lost continue to shine in the light of individual glass figurines peacefully placed within the stone garden walls. Multiple areas for solemn family and public contemplation and reflection are provided, both in the vicinity of remains and overlooking the site from above. Children play in their own special park, and the towers of light illuminate the sky on special occasions.

Welcome to the Stone Garden of Light, a World Trade Center Memorial design by Becky Brock. The experience of preparing this plan was very rewarding, even though it was not the final design chosen of the 5,201 entered from around the world. The LMDC, organizer of the memorial competition, has now posted a photographic gallery of all submissions. You can now view my actual submission board on the official competition website!

Figures of Light

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