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Stone Garden of Light WTC Memorial
K-9 Sirius Park - Children's Memorial Garden

Named in honor of Sirius, the PAPD K-9 killed on September 11, this park is specially designed to convey the loss and meaning of September 11 at the level of young visitors. Located on the memorial floor between the museum and the South Tower footprint, a glass roof protects the kids from weather. The garden includes a statue of Sirius. Children can hear or read his story, specially written for them, at several locations within the park. This account explains to the youngsters the story of loss on 9-11, as many children understand death in terms of a pet. The Sirius story does involve a positive element of hope and recovery with the survival of his human partner, PAPD officer David Lim, in the collapse of the North tower.

Children benefit from expressing their feelings in the play environment available in Sirius Park. The playground includes play versions of the many types of vehicles used at the World Trade Center, utilized by victims and rescue workers before, during, and after the attack - Fire engines, ambulances, police cruisers, construction and telephone trucks, subway trains, taxi, stretch limo, private car, etc. The fireboat Harvey would also be included.

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